September 22, 2018

Join the Franklin County Farm Bureau and have an opportunity to visibly see modern agriculture in action and ask questions about what we do on a farm and why.

This year's hosts are Robert Musser and daughter Faith. The Musser Farm is a small family owned dairy farm in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Arthur Musser bought the farm in 1973 and began by milking 50 cows. Robert Musser, the second generation, currently owns and operates the farm with help from his daughter, Faith, who is interested in taking over. Since then it has grown to a herd of 150 mature milk cows and 150 young stock. The herd consists of Holsteins, red and white Holsteins, and American Lineback cattle. The family works closely with veterinarians and feed nutritionists to manage the health of the animals. Each year the farm grows 200 acres of corn, 30 acres of hay, and 90 acres of small grains such as barley and triticale, which are used to feed the animals.

Official Event Details

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Event: Franklin County Fall Farm Fun Fest
September 22, 2018
10:00am - 3:00pm
Musser Farm
Pinola Road, Shippensburg, PA
Maplewood Farm Market

Multiple Activities for the Whole Family

Free Milk & Ice Cream
Nothing beats the refreshing taste of a tall glass of milk or a big bowl of ice cream!

Farm Wagon Tours
Organized Wagon Tours will be available.


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