Empowering Our Everyday Heroes

Initiating Concrete Action in the Local Farming Industry

Promoting Agricultural Awareness

Without question, the agricultural industry plays a critical role in the lives of all American people. A current average farming operation provides nourishing meals to 170 people worldwide.

As a passionate advocate of the farming sector, Franklin County Farm Bureau, Inc., in Chambersburg, PA provides local farmers with opportunities to be heard. Through our policy development process, we help the farming community establish a unified voice, empowering people to propose ideas that benefit farm workers across the nation.

Unifying the Farming Community

 Franklin County Farm Bureau, Inc. is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and is committed toward keeping its own farmers constantly engaged. We have a Member Services division that is comprised of agricultural leaders who share our desire for improving farmers’ lives.

Investing in the Youth

The seeds we plant today will significantly define the future of the agricultural sector. We recognize the unwavering drive and abilities of our young farmers, which is why we spearhead initiatives that aim to hone their leadership capabilities.

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