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Developing Young Ag Professionals (YAP)

Franklin County Farm Bureau, Inc. in Chambersburg, PA strongly believes in the power of potential. By targeting the 18-35 age bracket, we can identify potential leaders and utilize their fresh and innovative ideas for everyone’s benefit.


Our Initiatives

State YAP Leadership Conference

Every February, we host a conference for young farmers across the state. The objective of this event is to harness the leadership skills of both young farmers and new Farm Bureau members.

Ultimately, we want to empower the youth and improve their own personal businesses and operations as well as the Farm Bureau and the farming community as a whole. During this conference, members attend various breakout sessions, listen to keynote speakers, and network with other young farmers across the state.

State YAP Annual Picnic

We organize a statewide picnic every July for all young farmers and their families. You can participate in farm and industry tours, and let your children take part in exciting activities. This is a day defined by fun, food, and fellowship.

State Annual Meeting

During the yearly meeting in November, YAP members can participate in state-level competitions such as the Discussion Meet, Excellence in Agriculture, and Achievement Award. Members can also listen to breakout sessions and receive policy development updates on the delegate floor.

Harvest for All

Harvest for All is a yearlong collection of food from our YAP members. By participating in this program, we get to support the local food bank by providing them with valuable resources—food, money, and our time.

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Unleash your leadership potential and make your mark in the farming sector.
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